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Journey Through The Thin Red Line

May 23, 2023

Good Afternoon!

Like father like son? 

David became king over God’s chosen people after Saul was killed in battle.  First over Judah, then Israel joined Judah in making David king over the entire land.

David had been forgiven by God for what he had done, however, God told David that the sword would never depart from his house (he would always have wars and battles), BUT God would establish the kingdom for David’s son, Solomon, and Solomon would have a peaceful kingdom if he walked in David, his father’s ways, which were also God’s ways.  (This is just another way of saying, obey my laws and commandments, and I (God) will honor my promises to you).

When David proclaimed Solomon to be king, Solomon worshipped God and promised, even made a prayer to include a blessing, of what his intentions were, and what would happen if he or Israel strayed or wandered away from following God’s laws.

Guess what?  When Solomon grew older, he allowed others to lead him away from the one true God, and God remembered Solomon’s prayer and promise, and held Solomon accountable for his actions. 

Isn’t that what happened with David, Solomon’s father?  He was held accountable for his actions, too.  In David’s situation, he asked for forgiveness (see Psalm 51).  The Bible doesn’t show where Solomon asked forgiveness for what he had done.  God gave Solomon a long time to turn around and tell God he was sorry, but I don’t find anywhere in the Bible where Solomon confessed to God. 

Solomon had so many enemies coming at him from many places; even his own family!  Solomon wasn’t honest with God, and never said he was sorry for disobeying Him, and because of this, Solomon’s kingdom was torn apart and given to others.

We, as Christian’s, are held accountable for our actions.  Our saving grace is Jesus.  If we ask forgiveness, God will forgive us.  Being a Christian doesn’t make us perfect, we’re human and will make mistakes.  Being a Christian makes us forgiven if we are truly sorry and ask forgiveness for what we’ve done wrong.  We are no better than anyone else…JUST BETTER OFF!

Prayerfully, we hope this helps you like it helped us.  Until next time.

God Bless,


Daniel 6

Have you ever been  selected for or promoted to a position because of your work ethic,  knowledge and experience?

How did it make you feel? How did others react to this promotion?

This is what happens in Daniel, chapter 6.

The king saw the wisdom of Daniel and his integrity, he knew he could trust him, and Daniel would make wise decisions that would never hurt the king and would promote and protect his kingdom.

The others in authority were jealous of Daniel because he had the king’s favor, and plotted together in secret to determine a way to tarnish Daniel’s
Character, morality and uprightness; only finding one way of doing it, which was by trying to use Daniel’s faithfulness to God against him.

Banding together, the others in authority agreed secretly to go to the king and work against Daniel, getting the king to sign a decree, stating that no petitions could be made except to the king for 30 days, knowing that Daniel prayed to God three times a day.

If anyone was found in violation of this decree, they would be cast into the lion’s den. The king didn’t even question them, simply signed the decree, knowing that it could not be amended or changed according to their laws.

Daniel knew the decree had been signed, however, did not forsake God and continued praying to Him three times a day. The group of men waited outside Daniel’s window at one of Daniel’s regular prayer times, and went to the king, accusing Daniel of disrespecting and disregarding the king’s decree. When the King heard this, he realized what he had done, and how he had been manipulated.

Without a way to alter the decree, Daniel was indeed cast into the den of lions. The king said to Daniel that Daniel’s God whom he faithfully served would deliver him, then the king fasted all night.

God protected Daniel and no harm came to him, however, the accusers of Daniel, and their families were then cast to the lions.

What do you think the moral of this story is? It could be viewed a number of ways.

I believe that my God will provide for me in whatever way I need when I need Him, IF I am faithful to Him.

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