Mid Night Cry

How God’s Absence Is A Form of His Presence

God is always with us and is present everywhere. We can be aware that He is always with us since His Spirit is inside us, and we encounter unique ways in that He reveals Himself to us. These provide the foundation of daily life in a relationship with Jesus Christ.

But why does God occasionally appear distant if all of those things are true? Why do even the most experienced followers occasionally feel like spiritual deserters? What should we do when we believe that our God has abandoned us?

Increasing our knowledge of God is the best action in these circumstances. By focusing on Jesus, we may deepen our faith and establish a life based on His Word, moving beyond the realm of feelings.

God Works in Us Constantly

Even though we are unaware of God’s presence, he is always active inside us. We are aware that God uses a variety of difficulties to shape us into the image of Jesus. One weapon in God’s toolbox for renewing ourselves to more closely matches him is the pain of feeling forsaken by him.

First, after experiencing God’s absence, people listened to God with even more intensity than before. We must pay more attention when the volume is turned down to understand what is being said or displayed. God frequently captures our attention by going silent or speaking at a shallow volume instead of yelling at us so we would listen better.

Second, when Christians experience a sense of separation from God, they subsequently report that God has been at work in the stillness to develop new capabilities inside them for interaction with God.

Along with being honest with God, people may leave other religious traditions to seek God’s participation more directly. We were intended to have direct contact with him, but we make do with a respectable religion, a quiet existence, and relationships that seem to work well.

Thirdly, when Christians feel like God has abandoned them, they witness God at work to dispel their misconceptions about who and how he is. His seeming departure is a message that their dedication is not what causes them to encounter God because they haven’t changed anything in their efforts to know God.

Our delusion that God will appear for us because of our religion is destroyed when we endure his silence. Since everything God accomplishes with us is a gift, we must confront the truth of God’s absoluteness in our connection, where nothing we encounter is subject to our will.

His Absence Is No Accident

Right now, you are aware of God’s absence. You want more of God than you can presently own or encounter. Such information may be a welcome relief. God may seem far away, making you feel inferior and like a second-class Christian.

However, these feelings of shame, uncertainty, and anxiety are not always related to God’s absence. While God is gone when you want him to be, he is present when you need him the most. Knowing this may provide all the hope and security you desire while also helping to mould how you perceive God in this life.

The Takeaway!

The Midnight Cry is confident that our perception of God’s absence in this life is for God’s glory and our delight since God constantly pursues His glory and the welfare of those who love him.

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